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Mary VonRanker, LMP CR
I am a 20-year veteran of integrative feet, hand and ear reflexology and a 13-year expert in therapeutic and comprehensive massage techniques.  Along with specializing in chronic foot and hand issues, I have a knack for working out long-term chronic tissue issues.  My approach engages the client in the healing process through education and insight.  Gentle yet firm, strong and effective, integrative and thorough.  One of my long-time specialties is hawaiian bodywork or “Lomilomi”, which has a deeply spiritual yet extremely deliciously effective component to it.  Focused on compassionate and effective results for all ages!

CedarMists Healing Arts
Located at 7405 125th Place SE, Newcastle, WA 98056 (map)
Phone: 425-591-3779
FAX: 425-228-8288

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You can also find me on LinkedIn as well as a CedarMists fan page on FaceBook and Twitter.

Probably the swiftest way to reach me:
TEXT: 425-591-3779

hand and baby foot

Pain is an indication that something in the body is trying to get your attention, but did you know that ticklelishness and tension are also forms of "please listen to me" types of communication from your body?