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Go Placidly

Inspiring Words

Wintry Message

icy slushy brush

I love the energy of Winter: wet, moist, decaying, integrative, introspective, hibernating and cozy.
I find the dark, long days lend themselves to the enjoyment of roaring fires, thick robust soups, lounging, brisk walks and warm beverages.
Fleece and down-filled garb are my favorite clothes to wear.
Long conversations, home-cooked meals and reflection time are essential to breathing in this quiet and deep energy.
Feel your body – it has much to tell you.
Wrap it into a warm bath or blanket and say “Yes!” to winter.

Hot Feet in the Summertime

I am not sure what it is like in your neck of the woods when summertime hits, but here in Seattle, when there is 50% more sun than gray, we are a force to be reckoned with… and indeed, since it arrived so late this year, more so!  Do not get in between us and our exaltation of great sunny weather, even if it doesn’t arrive until 2pm in the afternoon…

So here are some hot tips to keep your feet happy and healthy while enjoying all your fun activities:

  • Wear sandals that your support your ankle – it will help prevent ankle sprains and keep those toes from curling up and staying curled when you are 70 years old.
  • A cool water foot soak can bring down the swelling after a long day in the sun or while engaging in running/hiking/walking activities.
  • Spritz your bare feet with peppermint water for a refreshing foot “pick me up.”  To make, add 10 drops of peppermint oil (located from your local healthy food store) into a small spray 80z. bottle filled with filtered water.
  • Keep the calluses down!  Extra activity can accelerate callus buildup and there is nothing more annoying than a cracked and bleeding callus to dampen any of your standing sports and activities.  Purchase a ped-egg or pumice stone and use at least weekly.  The Ped Egg is used on dry skin and the pumice in the shower.

Give those “puppies” a break!  Kick off those shoes at the end of the day and feel the earth below you.  Say “Thank You” to your remarkable feet that keep you upright and afoot all day long.  After all, it is summertime, and if your hot feet are chilled down and happy, you should have a very good time.


New Beginnings

I am always touched by the body’s willingness to experience new beginnings, even in the light of seemingly endless challenges and unresolved questions.  Each day offers us the opportunity to start anew, to do life just a little differently and thus experience an even better tomorrow.

And so it is with my new private practice location in Bellevue.  With all my years of trials and errors, lack of an MBA and a deep desire to learn and start anew, I am heartened by the wisdom I am able to apply to this latest “new beginning” and thus serve you better.

Have you stopped and started a healthier lifestyle, only to have your “new beginning” challenged or halted? Ask yourself these questions to explore this topic further:

  • What have I learned about how my body lives and functions optimally?
  • What do I consider truly important regarding my long-term health and healing goals?
  • Do I know what my obstacles are?
  • Who currently and actively supports my vision of wellness?

Are you seeking a new beginning for a more vital, stress-free body?  Come!  Let us explore that path together – let us gather up your years of wisdom and apply it towards a more vital and healthy tomorrow.

New Home for CedarMists

I am thrilled to announce my new office location in Bellevue!
Starting Tuesday, July 19th, you can find CedarMists at:

Northrup North Business Park
2300  130th Ave NE, Bldg A, Suite 103
Bellevue, WA 98005
Tue / Thu / Fri from 2pm-8pm
Sat from 9am – 3pm

There is easy Freeway access, a beautiful and tranquil setting, a comfortable reception area, and a 20+ year veteran bodyworker delighted to serve you and your wellness needs.

I specialize in:

  • Comprehensive therapeutic treatment on chronic feet/lower leg, hands/forearms issues,
  • Feet/hand and ear reflexology,
  • Restorative Hawaiian Lomilomi and therapeutic massage.

The highest compliment you can pay me is the referral of a Friend!
And speaking of Friends, “Friend Me” on Facebook / cedarmists

Mary at Northrup North

Mary's new office location


Mary VonRanker, LMP CR
CedarMists Healing Arts


Homage to the Foot People

Hello you “foot people”.  You know who you are… You are the ones that during a massage wish the therapist would linger longer on your feet. You are the ones that have a stated goal that says, “the next time I get a partner, they have to love to give foot rubs!”. You are the ones that would totally forego a full body massage in lieu of a one hour foot session!  You are indeed the smart ones too! (no bias, honest ;) ) When you get your feet worked on, you totally relax; you go into what we fondly call “The Zone”, and the zone is where all healing takes place!  Literally, you go into the brain’s Theta state.  Science is now proving what you have known all along; that your feet are the foundation to your health.  You are the “Foot People”!


Welcome to CedarMists Healing Arts

Today marks the day of my very first “Blog”.  I had to chuckle as the “Hello World” that greeted me shortly after I installed WordPress reminded me that this indeed feels like a birth, or a whole new world!

For years now, as a practicing reflexologist and massage therapist, I have expressed many words of wisdom or thoughtfulness, and many have commented, “you ought to write or blog.”  TaDaaa!

Large or small, may my insights inspire or inform.
May you know and understand more intimately the miraculous body you have been given.
May you know that health and vitality are your birthright.
and May you know that I am here for you every step of the way.

Brightest Blessings,
Mary VonRanker, LMP CR