Relaxing and Refreshing Reflexology
Reflexology is a form of relaxing and therapeutic touch therapy which is applied to the feet, hands and ears. Thoughtful hand and finger strokes are applied to areas of your feet, hands and ears with the emphasis of reducing the underlying tension and stressors. A more scientific definition states that there is a representation or somatopic map (reflexology theory) of the body on these areas, and when using a variety of systematic finger strokes and pressure, the corresponding part of the body experiences neurological stress reduction. Reflexology sessions are one hour or less and involve an initial health history evaluation to ensure that the client receives their desired health benefits.

Comprehensive and therapeutic foot & lower leg massage
Chronic lower leg and foot pain and plantar fasciitis responds very well to massage (plantar fasciitis definition) and this type of therapeutic massage is often covered under many insurance programs. Runners, athletes and people who spend a significant amount of time on their feet, often suffer from achy and tired feet, which can often lead to chronic pain foot and lower leg conditions. A highly effective and pro-active approach to these types of conditions is a comprehensive stretching program as well as regular therapeutic massage.

Transformational Hawaiian Bodywork
Lomilomi is a tradition Hawaiian style of bodywork that has been show to be extremely relaxing and deeply therapeutic. The style at CedarMists is characterized by long flowing strokes, smooth pressure, light stretches and head to toe thoroughness. Many have exclaimed that it was the most incredible massage they had ever received!

Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Accidents, poor posture, repetitive stress movements, stress-filled lifestyles, surgeries, illness and a host of other chronic conditions can lead to persistent and unrelieved discomfort in focused areas of the body or all over. Therapeutic massage primarily focuses on addressing very specific soft tissue issues by evaluating repetitive posture, situations and movements and then applying a variety of massage techniques in order to relieve underlying stress and tension. By applying these massage techniques, massage has shown to comprehensively alter and improve your daily quality of life (massage research). Just improving the blood flow and circulation to stressed areas alone can have a good impact on range of motion and reduction in discomfort.

hand and baby foot

Pain is an indication that something in the body is trying to get your attention, but did you know that ticklelishness and tension are also forms of "please listen to me" types of communication from your body?